What to pack when backpacking Rajasthan?


I used to be one of those people who felt the need of carrying everything on my vacation, thinking what if I need this. But as I have travelled over the years, I have realised that the lighter you travel, the less stressful and tiring it becomes. If you are looking for what you need to pack for a backpacking trip to Rajasthan, we have got you covered. Apart from your phone, camera, clothing, and toiletries etc., these are some basic essentials for travelling to Rajasthan:

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  1. Travel Adapter

In India, you will find Type D power sockets. While Type A and Type B sockets are used in countries like USA, Europe, Mexico, and Japan. Carry a travel adapter with you so that you can charge all your electronics with ease.

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  1. Hand Sanitizer

Indian cuisine is eaten with hands and might take some time getting used to it. Although most restaurants and street vendors provide plastic cutlery in the Jaipur and other cities, we suggest you carry hand sanitizer to avoid contracting any infections.

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  1. Earplugs/Earphones

Although a part of the Indian charm, noise is something that can initially lead to irritation. Carry a pair of earplugs/Earphones so as to cancel out the noise especially when travelling.

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  1. Tiger Balm

Tiger balm can save your day in many cases. Effective for not just tired muscles but also itchy spots and masking harsh smells. Just ensure that you don’t apply too much of it.

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  1. Odomos/ Mosquito Repellent

Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya are the diseases spread by mosquitos and common all over India. Odomos and mosquito repellants are a must in order to save you from infectious mosquito bites.

  1. Deodorant

Not that we mean you have body odour, but Rajasthan is HOT! So hot that you will thank us for suggesting you carry a deodorant.

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  1. Detergent

As the place is hot, you will sweat and need to wash your clothes frequently. This can add to your overall budget. Carry some detergent and wash your clothes in the room’s bathroom where you are staying and dry overnight.

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  1. Ample Sun Protection

A list of essentials for travelling to Rajasthan is incomplete without this trilogy. The 3 best friends on your trip to Rajasthan would be a cap, sunscreen and sunglasses. Equipped with these, you can enjoy as much sun as you wish.

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  1. Toilet Paper/Tissues or Seat Sanitizer

In India, toilet paper is not commonly used in public washrooms. So carry tissues and toilet seat sanitizers with you so that you are not fazed with the dirty toilets you find.

essentials for travelling to Rajasthan
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  1. Locks and Chain

When travelling by buses or trains, make sure you tie your luggage securely using lock and chain. Thefts are common in smaller towns and you will see even the locals using locks and keys when travelling.

essentials for travelling to Rajasthan
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In addition to these essentials for travelling to Rajasthan, we recommend that you carry loose and airy clothes preferably cotton so that you can beat the heat. All that’s important in the end is you travel light and travel right!


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