How to click pictures when travelling alone?


Travelling alone is the best way to encounter thrilling and adventurous experiences. It is refreshing and you do not have to rely on others for your plans, you are the boss of everything you do, eat, shop and etc. However, solo travelling can cause problems when it comes to clicking photographs of yourself. So, the big question is how to click your pictures when travelling alone? There are two ways, either you give up on the fact that you can only click selfies or you read our blog and find some awesome hacks to click your photographs.

Let’s talk about some photography hacks that will help you out when solo travelling.

1. Use timer

This is probably the most used and easiest way to click your pictures. Keep your phone/camera on some place which will give it a little bit of support, press the timer of 10 seconds or more, whatever is available on your device – Pose and Snap!

2. Using a tripod

Carry your tripod every time when travelling alone, it will be your best buddy for sure. If you do not know what a tripod is then it is a three legged supporter for your camera. Choosing a right tripod is very necessary, light weight tripods sometimes fail to support heavy cameras so think well before spending money, you can also buy tripods online. A tripod will reduce unwanted movements of the camera and will help you in clicking amazing photographs for your Instagram.

3. Try burst mode

Burst mode is when a lot of pictures get snapped continuously. All you have to do is select the burst mode by pressing the volume down button or the shutter, the only advantage of clicking on burst mode is that you can select the perfect picture from various photos.

4. Ask a stranger

Yes. When people see you travelling solo, they generally ask you to click their pictures because you are easily approachable. In the same manner, you can also ask strangers to click your pictures without any hesitation. Explain to them how to click a photo on your phone or your camera.

5. Use a selfie stick

What? Selfie stick? What will people think? Let me tell you, nobody will judge you because everybody will know that you are travelling alone and even if somebody does, don’t care about them. Selfie sticks help you in clicking pictures that are not blurry and if you don’t own a tripod this is a great alternative.

6. Why just face or your body?

It is not necessary to click the pictures of your smiling face or your whole body, you can use your body parts too. While clicking photos of your food, you can include your hand or just your lips while sipping the coffee.

7. Mirror selfie Or Reflective surfaces

While mirrors are more commonly found than reflective surfaces, you can use them to click your pictures, be a little creative while clicking reflection photos. What could be better than showing off the artistic background if you have one! Right?

As we said earlier, either you give up on just selfies or read our blog, so you read our blog, what do you think? It is not even that tough to click your pictures when alone. So you can travel alone carefree as your only problem of clicking pictures is also solved. Do tell us in the comments section, if this blog helped you out. Thank you!


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