5 Different Types of Rajasthani Holi


Holi is not just another celebration in India, it is an emotion celebrated throughout the country. Holi is marked by rubbing Gulaal and Abeer on friends and relatives, glasses of Bhaang, delicious food, loud music and dance. However, Holi celebration in Rajasthan is pretty much different from how it is celebrated in other parts of North India. A long list of mouth watering preparations, stories, culture and traditions distinguish Rajasthani Holi in so many ways. In this blog, we will list out 5 events that describe Rajasthani Holi in the best manner.

1. Gair Holi

Gair Holi is celebrated in Ajmer and the areas surrounding the city. In this type of Holi, men from 12 different villages gather together at Godaji village and celebrate Holi even after a few days. Each villager brings his own drummers and Gair troupes which lightens up the festival and its celebration.
Gair Holi Date – 1st March, 2018

2. Mali Holi

Mali Holi is another type of Rajasthani Holi celebrated among the people of Mali community where men colour the women with water and the women respond by hitting them with a bamboo or long sticks. It marks brotherhood and unity among the people, everyone is coloured in one tone whether it is men, women or cattle.
Mali Holi Date – 1st March, 2018

3. Brij Mahotsav

Mainly celebrated in Bharatpur, Brij Mahotsav was founded in the 18th century by Raja Surajmal. The festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna, wherein the men and women dress up as Krishna and Gopi. The Raslila Dance depicts the beautiful love story of Radha and Krishna. It is fortunate for the people to take a holy dip in the Banganga river.

Brij Mahotsav Date – 25th to 27th February, 2018

4. Dhulandi Holi

Dhulandi Holi is celebrated in the capital of the state and has a very special story attached to it. According to people, after Krishna drank demon’s milk and turned blue, his mother Yashoda suggested him to colour Radha in the same colour so that he found perfect solace. And since then Holi is celebrated to honour this event, there are special programs organised at various luxurious hotels.

Dhulandi Holi Date – 2nd March, 2018

5. Dolchi Holi


Dolchi Holi is celebrated in Bikaner and it’s story goes back to 300 years. In this type of Holi, men throw water on other men with the help of Dolchi which is a vessel made of camel skin. 300 years back, this tradition started with a dispute between two communities and it is said that the dispute was over food. Men began to throw water on other to find a solution which later got converted to a practice and then to a custom. This is how Dolchi Holi evoluted.

Dolchi Holi Date – 1st and 2nd March, 2018.

So, what type of Rajasthani Holi are you celebrating this year? Excited much? Then, roll up your sleeves, grab a handful of gulaal, drink a glass of Bhaang and get it going.
Happy Holi!


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