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Jaipur is famous for not only its architecture, but also for its culture. Culture is how people live their day to day and how they celebrate their special days.

The people of Rajasthan are no second when it comes to celebrate festivals. Their festivals are often colorful, rich with traditions, topped up with great show and finger licking food.

All festivals in Jaipur are celebrated with enthusiasm, but there are some which are must-attend if you are in the city.

  1. Ghanghor

    It is one of the most important festivals in the region of Rajasthan and is celebrated in some parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh as well. It is mostly celebrated by girls and women. If you belong to fairer sex, then you should not miss it. This festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Chaitra, which lies in March – April. Women on this day, pray to Lord Shiva, by making their clay idols. They perform special Pooja (prayers) in front of these idols for long-life of their husbands. It is a colorful festival and it projects Indian culture like no other.

  2. Teej Festival

    Teej in its literal meaning third day of the month. There are three major Teej festivals which are celebrated with enthusiasm in the state. But here we are talking about KajriTeej. It is celebrated two days after Raksha Bandhan, on the third day of full moon in the month of This festival demonstrates Indian culture in a completely different light. Women on this day pray to Goddess Parvati, for long life and wellbeing of their husbands. Girls and ladies wear traditional Indian clothes, sing folk songs of Kajriteej and pray to goddess. This festival is celebrated in every household. It is an important festival in Marwari community of Rajasthani girls and you should not miss out on folk songs which are also called kajri.

  3. International Kite Festival

    This festival is originally known as Makar Sankranti and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Jaipur. It marks the transition of sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn. On this day, people get together, share sweets and fly kites. According to Hindu astrology, sun starts its northward journey on this day every year.
    There are various kite flying competitions, where people compete for air space dominance for their kite. This International Festival is endorsed by government and runs for three days. It usually starts on the day before Makar Sankranti and ends day after. Apart from flying kites, people also donate alms to needy and take bath in holy river Ganga. This day has been declared as public holiday across nation.

  1. Elephant festival

    Elephant festival is celebrated every year on the day of Holi. Though Holi is also celebrated at a large scale in Jaipur, it is the use of elephants which steals the show. Date of this festival is decided by Hindu lunar calendar, hence the date varies on English calendar. If you are planning to attend this, please look up for Holi dates.
    On the day of celebration, elephants take part in parade with their Mahout. Elephants are decorated with colorful paintings on their body, saddles with bright colors and anklets in their feet. It is an amazing sight to see well decorated elephants to take part in parade. Apart from the parade, there is an Elephant racing, Elephant polo and Tug of war between elephant and a team of humans. A prize is given to the most powerful and well decorated elephant.
  1. International Film festival

    Jaipur organizes an international film festival in the month of January around 25 to 31st. This festival though is new as it was launched in 2009, it attracts top films across the world. A lot of brilliant filmmakers, writers, poets and media persons participate in this festival. You can watch some of the most brilliant cinematic work here. This festival has lots of talks and seminars which are enlightening.

  2. Jaipur Literature Festival

    Jaipur Literature Festival was started in 2006 and after 10 years, it has gained worldwide recognition for being a leading literature festival. This is the biggest literature festival in Asia Pacific. Every year lakhs of people across the globe visit the city for this festival. Both national and international writers and thinkers visit the festival and indulge in very interesting discussions which ranges from politics to general day to day life of common man.
    This festival is held every year in the end of January, usually between 20 – 31st of January. It is mostly a two days affair, which also means, a lot of food and music is there after the main events.
    Book signing is also a major attraction of this festival, usually all major biggies from Indian literature scene is present here.

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