A Backpacker’s Guide to Jaipur


Popularly known as the pink city, Jaipur prepares you for a journey into the impressive history of Rajasthan. Your India Tour is absolutely incomplete without a trip to this marvelous city. Its sprawling mansions (havelis) are a treat for any architecture lover. The magnificent forts along with a very colorful culture attract everyone to visit it at least once.

Famous Hawa mahal of pink city jaipur
Famous Hawa mahal of pink city jaipur

It is capital city of Rajasthan and was founded in year 1727 AD by Maharana Sawai Jai Singh II. Before he built Jaipur, his capital was the ancient fort city of Amer/Amber, which was established around the Amer/Amber Fort. Jaipur, in the past, has witness various battles and the mere name suggests that city was built to celebrate the victory.

Jaipur is also the first planned city in India, yet another aspect that makes it a unique destination for any explorer.

You can feel the detailing in the maps and also while you move around the city. There are two parts of the city namely Old city (Pink City) and the new city. The old city is the walled city with beautiful palaces, magnificent gates and walls, all painted terracotta pink. While the olden part of the city reflects an influx of culture and tradition, the new city brings along a fresh air of modern lifestyle.

There are several places to visit in Jaipur. The fact that the city offers everyone a point of interest is certainly a differentiating factor for this tourist destination in India. For a history buff, it has its palaces and forts, for a devotee it has numerous temples, for a bird watcher it has its lakes, for a foodie it was its restaurants, for a party lover it has its pubs and for a nature and peace  lover, it has  its abode of parks and quiet places.

Jaipur is connected to all major cities in India by all three means, i.e. By Train, Bus and Flight. For Intra city transportation (point to point transportation), cab hailing applications like Ola and Uber is available. The commute in the city has certainly got better with the introduction of Jaipur Metro on the city’s roadmap.

There are several types of accommodation available in the city ranging from 5 star resorts to budget backpacker hostel. You can easily use booking.com or hostel world to do an online booking.

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