6 Forts you cant miss in Rajasthan


Situated in the western part of India, Rajasthan is home to some of the best forts in India. UNESCO awarded 6 forts of Rajasthan the title of World Heritage Site in 2013. These forts are covered as single serial World Heritage Site. These six forts are Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Sawai Madhopur, Jhalawar, Amer, and Jaisalmer.

For 1000 years, the gallantry of Rajasthani people contained the invasion by Arab people to western side of Punjab. These six forts are must see if you are a history buff.

Also, if you are interested in culture and arts, these forts will completely mesmerize you by their sheer artistry. So pack your bag and board the plan to Jaipur and start exploring the forts of Rajasthan.


  1. Chittorgarh Fort:

    Chittorgarh fort
    Chittorgarh Fort

    It is as large as the tales of gallantry associated with it. Famous for the valor of Rajput men and women alike, this fort has withstood the test of time. It has witnessed several attacks on both West (Arab invaders) and East (Delhi) and was center of three very famous siege. It is situated on a 180 meter high Hillock and is spread into 700 acres of land. It is simply called the pride of Rajasthan. To reach the fort, you have to travel a mile of serpentine road with 7 gates. Each gate is named after a Hindu God. The most notable story of this fort is about Rani Padmini who along with her mates died in a pyre instead of submitting to Alauddin Khilji . This fort is also called the Pride of Rajasthan. Originally, it was established by Maurya Dynasty and there are remain of structures from 6 to 18th centuries inside this fort. Go and lose your-self in the history in this fort.

  2. KumbhalGarh:

    kumbhalgarh-Fort in night, Courtsey :http://www.kumbhalgarhfort.in

    Home to second longest wall after Great Wall of China as well as it is second largest fort after Chittorgarh. Built by the King Khumbh, after whom the fort is named, it is the birth place of great warrior king Rana Pratap. It is sitting on the top of a hill which is 1100 metres above sea level and has 36 kilometers of wall making it second largest wall after Great Wall of China. It’s just 64 kms from Lake City, Udaipur.

    Kumbhalgarh ort Rajasthan

    Another fact which will make history buffs daydream is that it is home to 360 temples. Out of this, 200 are Ancient Jain temples and the rest are Hindu. The best time to visit the fort is during annual festival which last for 3 days and have many cultural activities. Don’t miss out specimen doors which are the specimen of craftsmanship of people of Mewar and Maarwad.

  3. Sawai Madhopur:

    Sawai madhopur fort
    Sawai madhopur fort

    It is also called as Ranthambore Fort as well. It is in fact very near to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. The exact year of buildup is not been put as a definitive record, but according to experts, it could have been built between 900-1100 AD. It is situated on a hill top which has natural abyss on three sides. The fort was built on a trade route and hence all major kings wanted this to control the route. In the beginning, it was ruled by Chauhans and then was taken over Mughals. In 1763, Sawai Madho built fortifications near this fort and it was handed over to him from Mughal Sultanate. Like any other fort in Rajasthan, this fort has also seen 14 wars around it. It is enriched with Jain and Hindu temples. Hammir Mahal is the main attraction along with other palaces inside it.

  4. Jhalwarh or Gagron Fort:

    Gagron fort
    Gagron fort, Courtsey Rajasthan Tourism

    This fort is unlike any other fort in Rajasthan. Surrounded by three rivers on three sides, it is unique in its architecture and geography. The three rivers are Ahu, Kali and Sindh rivers that make this place an absolute beauty and a sight to behold. It is not just the fort which is the main attraction. Jhalwarh town also holds some of the best specimen of architecture, without which the visit to this fort is incomplete. The geographical location of this fort is also very unique as area surrounding this place is full of color. This area is known for citrus production in India as well as Poppy fields.

  5. Jaipur and Fort of Amer:

    Amber fort

    The Fort of Amer or Amber is one of the very famous forts. It has four levels and each level has its own functionality. The fort depicts the royalty in every inch of its existence. It is situated in the north of the capital city of Jaipur. The Amber town is 11 kms away from Jaipur. Only Amber fort is given UNESCO heritage status but in reality, there are three forts on the same hill top. If you look from distance, they look like one single fort. Built with white marble and red sand stone, it definitely takes us back to 17th century.

    Amer Fort Photo by Ziaur Rahman
    Amer Fort Photo by Ziaur Rahman

    There are many elaborate and magnificent gates in the fort namely Hathi Pole and Ganesh Pole. But the real deal is Sheesh Mahal (the palace of mirrors). And the most beautiful structure is Jas Mandir, which was used for private audience of king with his queens. This is a well preserved fort and guides are readily available to explain everything. Don’t miss out the awesome view of Jaipur city from the top of the Fort.

  6. Fort of Jaisalmer:

    Jaisalmer fort
    Jaisalmer fort

    Rawal Jaisal built this fort in 1156 AD, and the fort derives its name from the king. It is one of the best preserved fortified city in the world. Its outer wall is of yellow sandstone, which is a yellow color in day and golden honey color when the sun sets.

    jaisalmer fort
    Jaisalmer fort

    Because of this, it is also called sonar bangla. Another thing which is worth knowing is that this fort lies on the way of ancient Silk Road, which makes it a highly important fortified city. In medieval times, this was used for refuge and trade. The fort has three layered walls which is tactical in nature and was used to entrap the enemies. It has many Jain and Hindu temples inside its premises. These temples are beautiful and are specimen of craftsmanship.

    Jaisalmer Fort
    Jaisalmer Fort

    You will be delighted to know that this fort escaped major destruction which was rampant in 17th and 18th This place holds its charm among tourists and every year more than half million people visit this place every year.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your backpacks and start your journey into amazing Rajasthan and its glorious Forts. Click lots of pictures and make memories which will last a lifetime.


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