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At BackPack India ‘responsible tourism’ is at the heart of everything we do - from curating our tours, to employing new candidates, providing travelers with an exceptional experience. We use locally owned infrastructure and businesses and promote traditional transport to make sure the money you spend on travel is injected back into the local economy.


We’re a group of travel enthusiasts and experts, stepping into the roots of the city Jaipur, and understanding how we can better connect the community with the travelers. Whether we’re exploring world-famous sites, culture or hidden gems, you’ll be touching, smelling and tasting the city. On our tours, you’ll hear tales straight from the local experts and people who live there - because only #localsknow.

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Jaipur Street Food Walking Tour

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Jaipur Heritage Walking Tour

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I spent time with Shrey and Ajay on their walking tour through Jaipur. First off, they are fun guys to be around and kept the tour fun with their humor. They were also very knowledgeable about the city and its history, pointing out different things about the architecture and taking us to places we wouldn't be able to go without them. We stopped for chai and tried some interesting foods along the way. I would greatly recommend this tour for an insiders look. Read less

Bryan N

The tour was really amazing. Shrey was the great host all the time and we really enjoyed his company. The food and the tour both was really amazing and is worth to take it. Me and my friends enjoyed the tour very much. I will recommend everyone coming jaipur to once experience this tour.

Garima Garg